The Phoenix Programme

What is the 
Phoenix Programme?

The Phoenix Programme is a two stage learning and understanding experience for victims, and survivors of, domestic abuse. It is free and designed to help you understand domestic abuse, how it has affected your life, recognise your power and choices and learn techniques for achieving your goals.

The programme is unique to Phoenix DAS and has been developed to be suitable for both male and female participants. In order to attend the programme you must have an appointment with a support worker who will carry out initial assessments in order to ensure that the programme is right you.
Comments from previous participants

“This has been life changing for me, I feel like a new person”

“Although it’s a serious subject, we have fun and I’ve made friends”

“I previously thought I was the only one, now I know I’m not alone and there is support for me”

“Really helped me to understand what was preventing me from moving on both practically and emotionally”


Phoenix Knowledge
(Stage One)

A 10 week programme that will help participants understand and define domestic abuse. There is also a final session to discuss next steps and evaluation.

Week 1
Power & Control
Week 2
Minimise, Deny & Blame
Week 3
Week 4
Effects on Children Part 1
Week 5
Physical abuse & Intimidation
Week 6
Emotional Abuse
Week 7
Threats & Promises
Week 8
Effects on Children Part 2
Week 9
Privilege & Power
Week 10
Sexual Abuse
Male Victim
Final Session
Evaluation and Recap


Dignity Programme

A 15 week programme that will encourage participants to consider their own thoughts and behaviours within all types of relationships.

The programme will discuss self-control, coping strategies, decision making and problem solving in order to develop assertiveness skills to manage emotions.

Session topics include:
Assertiveness and Frame of Mind

Self Respect and Self Control


Perspective Taking

Rules and Stereotypes

Problem Solving

Assertive Communications